Dynamic Content

Tailored Content for Every User

Show different content to different users on the exact same page, depending on who's visiting, how they found your site, or what fields they clicked in your form.

Dynamic Content

One Page – Unlimited Variations

Campaign Optimization Made Easy

With our Conditional Content block, you can show different content to a user who visits your page via Google than to users who open the page via a newsletter link. It just takes a few clicks to set up, and then it’s fully automated.

Dynamic Content Forms

Custom-Tailored Forms

An Individual Form for Every User

Use Conditional Containers to make your forms as flexible as possible – depending on the information a user enters in the form or the options they select, you can have additional fields appear, skip questions, or insert individual additional fields.

Dynamic Content Time

Automated Support, 24/7

Vary Your Content Depending on the Time of Day

With Conditional Content, you can easily display different content on your site depending on the current time of day – for example, different support forms with different SLAs or contact persons.

Dynamic Content Websites

User-Dependent Content

Content Has Never Been so Flexible!

Is your site currently being visited by a customer who has already opted-in to your system? Are they an employee with admin rights? Or is the user unknown to you? Conditional Content designs your page individually depending on who is currently viewing it.

Dynamic Content Muiltistep Forms

User-Friendly Design

Conversion Boost for Your Forms

Increase conversion for your forms by making them pleasant for your users to navigate. Instead of boring, page-long forms, you can use Conditional Containers to make additional fields appear only after the user has already filled in the previous fields.


Define Dependencies & Conditions

Individual Popups for Every User

You can easily make popups dependent on user roles, time of day, browser, device, URL parameters, page history and many other factors, to customize them for each user. And the whole process is fully automated!