Dynamic Templates

Create Your Own Layout Templates

Unlike normal templates, Dynamic Templates are only filled with content when they are incorporated in a page. This means you can use the same template in different areas of your site for different content.

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Separating Content and Design

Easy Page Maintenance, No Know-How Needed

With Dynamic Templates you can let designers create complex layout templates that are fully independent from content. Editors can easily fill them later without worrying about spacing, mobile optimization or any other tricky design aspects.

Dynamic Templates Overview

Implement changes quickly

One-Click Design Adjustments

Thanks to Dynamic Templates, adjustments are easy even after you’ve finished a project. Simply change the template you’ve used, instead of adapting every single instance individually.  

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One Template – Multiple Languages

Simplified Translations

Dynamic Templates are content-independent layout templates. Unlike normal templates, there is no need to translate Dynamic Templates for multilingual websites. This means that you won’t have to modify the same template multiple times in case you want to change anything, because your changes will apply to all languages.

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Your Own Individual Set of Templates

Combine Templates from Different Websites

With Dynamic Templates you can create your own set of website templates. The separation of content and design means that you can simply copy and paste templates across websites. Plus: Thanks to central design settings in the customizer, styles automatically adapt to each website.