Website Management, Easier Than Ever

Easily manage multiple websites from a single dashboard. You can access all your client websites, create bulk backups, and manage key settings in just a few clicks. 

GREYD.Hub Website Overview

Central Dashboard for Your Multisites

Easily Manage Multiple Websites from a Single Dashboard

Whether you are a web service provider or a company with multiple websites and landing pages: GREYD.Hub lets you manage all your sites in one backend and helps you quickly access key information about site admins, plugins and domains at a glance.

GREYD.Hub Import & Export

Better Website Management

One-Click Import/Export

A customer project is delayed? No problem! Just export the complete site with one click and access it again later. You don't want to define your corporate design and default plugins for each landing page? In GREYD.Hub you can export design settings, databases, content, media and plugins individually and upload them to new pages.

GREYD.Hub Administration

Minimize Your Admin Work

All Key Settings – Directly in GREYD.Hub

Create and set up new pages without leaving GREYD.Hub. You can also make database adjustments like new domain names, admin emails, SSL settings and much more directly in GREYD.Hub.

GREYD.Hub Backups_new

Future-Proof Your Multisite Network

One-Click Backups

Easily backup content, design settings, plugins, databases or entire pages via the central backend. Administrators can see all backups centrally and clearly on the server.

Webiste Migration in GREYD.Hub

Website Management Made Easy

One-Click Migrations in less than 60 Seconds

No complicated SQL scripts. No back and forth copying individual sections. A website migration takes less than 60 seconds!

Multisite Connector

Multisite Connector

Add Any Number of Websites to Your GREYD.Hub Dashboard

It doesn’t matter if your websites are set up as single sites or as multisite installations. You can even link multiple multisite installations with the help of our Multisite Connector.