Multisite Connector

Connect Any Number of Websites

Whether its individual websites or entire multisite installations – our Multisite Connector merges all your web projects in one central system.

GREYD.Hub Import & Export

Central Template Management

Create Websites Faster Than Ever Before

It only takes a few clicks to make one of your websites a template that you can use for any other project. Import design settings, migrated media files or copy entire websites from one domain to another within seconds. Or in other words: Speed up your page building process by a lot!

Headless_ Overview

Headless for WordPress

Publish Content on Several Websites Simultaneousy

It doesn’t matter where your websites are located: Use the Multisite Connector to connect any type of content – posts, forms, footer templates or entire post types – with any number of websites. With Global Content, you can then for example publish or adapt blog posts on dozens of websites simultaneously. And even independent from the individual websites’ design.

GREYD.Hub Website Overview

Manage Projects Centrally

One Backend For All Your Websites

As a web admin you will love the Multisite Connector! Just connect all your projects to manage them centrally in GREYD.Hub and reduce your admin effort to the absolute minimum. Migrating websites, creating new websites or overviewing which plugins are installed where – all that doesn’t take you more than a few clicks.

Global Search

Global Search

Create Unique User Experiences

Connecting several websites is not only beneficial for yourself, but also helps you create the best possible user experience for your website visitors. If someone searches for something on website A, why not offer him or her search results also from other websites?