Customer Story

The perfect tool for landing pages

Customer: AccScale Solutions GmbH

Der Use Case

  • Creation of performance landing pages for clients

Die Anforderungen

  • Fast website creation 
  • Easy and fast implementation of changes
  • Dynamic content for customized communications
  • Page speed
  • SEO features
  • Analytics to evaluate campaigns
  • A/B testing
  • Easy administration of all websites
  • Conversion features (e.g. popups, forms, etc.)

That’s how AccScale Solutions benefits from GREYD.SUITE:

Enormous time saving through simple administration

With GREYD.Hub, AccScale Solutions manages all websites in one central backend. Existing landing pages can be duplicated with the one-click download to be used as a template for other sites. To create new websites, AccScale finds all relevant features directly in GREYD.Hub.

Easy A/B testing

AccScale Solutions uses A/B testing, for example to evaluate which color scheme works better for a target group. With GREYD.Hub and the central design settings in GREYD.SUITE, this is very easy. AccScale just needs to duplicate a landing page in GREYD.Hub and adapt the design of the second site in the Customizer. Both website variants can then be used at the same time to see which one performs better.

Quick and easy adaptations

Whether it’s design, layout, navigation or content – with global design settings and an intuitive drag & drop page builder, existing pages can easily be changed. That way, AccScale Solutions is able to constantly improve landing pages with running campaigns.

Page speed, SEO & analytics

A good landing page needs to load fast and have the relevant SEO information. Meta information, the right H-tag structure and good core web vitals are important. To evaluate campaigns, the implementation of analytics and tracking codes is necessary. AccScale Solutions finds all this in GREYD.SUITE without having to put much effort or extra plugins in it. Several page speed and SEO features are natively integrated in GREYD.SUITE. For the most popular plugins Yoast SEO and Autoptimize, GREYD.SUITE offers improved integrations which significantly reduces the effort of AccScale Solutions. Analytics and tracking codes can easily be implemented without having to work in the website code.

Dynamic Content for tailor made communications

With GREYD.SUITE’s Dynamic Content feature, AccScale fully automates content customization on their landing pages. Whether it’s content, form fields or popups: Depending on who visits a website when and how, the content adapts automatically.

Higher conversions with the integrated form generator and popup builder 

Forms and popups are part of every good landing page. With GREYD.SUITE, AccScale Solutions finds natively integrated solutions for that, so there is no need for extra plugins. Thanks to the central design settings, forms and popups automatically fit seamlessly to the website design.

GREYD.Forms not only offers 100% flexibility in terms of layout and design, but also has all important features directly included:

  • Interfaces to CRMs and newsletter tools
  • Double opt-in procedure
  • Different follow-up actions, such as emails, popups or messages
  • Conversion features such as multi level forms or intuitive image panels
  • A dashboard showing all form entries, including an export feature

With GREYD.Popups AccScale Solutions is able to create any popup they want. Different triggers (e.g. exit intent, button click, scrolling, inactivity, etc.), numerous rules (e.g. activation only for certain visitor, at certain times or after a certain page history) as well as additional features (e.g. URL customization for analytics, hierarchy settings when more than one popup is active, and many more) are availabe.


AccScale Solutions GmbHOnline Marketing Agency

10 employees
Location: Aschheim near Munich

Your Contact Person at GREYD:

Thomas Koschwitz

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